The Alevi Muharrem Fasting

19.08.2020 a sign of justice, equality, and a shared sense of community.

During the twelve-day Muharrem fast (mourning period) from August 20 to 31, 2020, Alevis commemorate the Prophet's grandson Imam Hüseyin and the Twelve Imams, who are revered as saints for Alevis. At the forefront of this period of mourning is the remembrance of the so-called Kerbela event, in which Imam Hüseyin and 72 of his followers met their deaths at the hands of Caliph Yezit's troops for standing up for justice in 680 AD.  

Mutual respect, compassion and understanding (Rızalık) for harmonious coexistence among people are more important than ever at this time. For 12 days and nights, Alevi fasting asks above all for restraint, mindfulness and reflection. The renunciation of meat, plain liquids and festivities are in the foreground.

At the end of the twelve-day fast, a sweet dish called Aşure is prepared and given to acquaintances, relatives and neighbours. This dish, consisting of twelve different ingredients, is also seen as an offering in memory of the Twelve Imams. Among other things, it is also a sign of gratitude that Zeynel Abidin, Imam Hüseyin's son, survived the Karbala event due to his illness, which allowed Imam Ali's lineage to be carried on.

We wish you a peaceful Muharrem Fast!