Austrian Public Radio Ö1: "Praxis - Religion and Society" on "The Islam Law: What can, may and should the IGGÖ do?"(Nov. 18, 2020)

In the programme "Praxis - Religion and Society" on Austrian public radio Ö1, Prof. Afsah spoke on the topic of "The Islam Law: What can, may and...


The interview with Prof. Ebrahim Afsah in the programme "Kulturzeit" ("Culture Time" on TV 3sat) on the occasion of the terrorist attack in Vienna can...


Punkt 1 (Austrian Public Radio Ö1): Islam in Crisis

Prof. Ebrahim Afsah spoke with Philip Blom on Ö1 about the caricature controversy, protests and attacks. You can find the entire conversation at...


"Hay una promesa rota por parte del Estado democrático liberal al ciudadano del siglo XXI" [The liberal democratic state broke its promise to the...


"Universität ist frei und unbequem" [University is free and inconvenient]

Interview with Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ebrahim Afsah