The Bachelor’s Degree Program “Islamic-Theological Studies”

The Bachelor’s Degree Program “Islamic Theological Studies” at the University of Vienna, which began in October of 2017  as a confessional and interdisciplinary subject area,  has the intention of contributing to the development of a tradition of Islamic theological studies at the European level. Under the conditions of Austrian universities and through academic discourse, Islamic theological knowledge is not only administered and passed on to students, but also reflexively interpreted, processed and further developed. The focus is on the reflexive and scientific processing of the Islamic theological tradition as well as on the reconstruction and critique of its methods and theories of the individual disciplines of Islamic theology in order to put the methods, teachings, and theories in a new context and to update them. On the other hand, their critical reflection also relates to the cultural, social and political contexts in which they operate in order to avoid conventional polar thought patterns and constructed opposites.

The Master's Degree Program “Islamic Religious Education”

The Master's Degree Program "Islamic Religious Education" at the University of Vienna trains Islamic religious teachers for secondary schools in Austria. In addition, topics and current issues of religious and ethical education in research and teaching are discussed. The aim is to work closely with the relevant institutes of the theological faculties of the University of Vienna, as well as with all other research institutions and individuals who deal with thematically related questions in research and teaching.