ATS: Gelebte Religion und Religionsvermittlung in alevitischen Gemeinden in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz (Arbeitstitel)
ATS: Alevi Religious Education and Digitalisation in Europe: Limitations, Opportunities and Expectations
ATS: Inventory and systematisation of experiences, expectations and recommendations for the qualification of religious personnel in Alevi communities in Germany
ATS: Assessment of Alevi Needs and Everyday Life in Austria: Case Study Vienna
ATS: Digital Edition and Translation of a Buyruk Manuscript
ATS: Alevis and Interreligious Dialogue in Hamburg
ATS: Beyond the Ban on Silence. Alevi Migrant Self-Organization and Civil Society Integration in Germany and the Netherlands in Comparison
ATS: "Hak`la bir olmak. An Ethnological Analysis of the Alevi Cem Ritual