Bachelor's programme in Islamic-Theological Studies

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Degree Programme Code: 033 196

Duration: 6 semesters / 180 ECTS

Language: German

No entrance exam

Curriculum (in German)

Course of Studies (Islamic Theology, Islamic Religious Education) (in German)

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As a confessional and interdisciplinary discipline, the bachelor's programme in Islamic-Theological Studies at the University of Vienna offers specialisations in Islamic Theology, Alevi Theological Studies and Islamic Religious Education and intends to contribute to the development of a tradition of Islamic theology and studies at the European university level. It also cooperates closely with other academic disciplines.

The knowledge of Islamic theology is managed according to the conditions of Austrian universities, passed on to students and reflectively interpreted, investigated and further developed. On the one hand, the focus lies on the reflective and academic analysis of the Islamic theological traditions, as well as on the reconstruction and critique of the methods, theories and teachings of the individual disciplines of Islamic theology, to place it in a new context and thus create up-to-date adaptations of it. On the other hand, the critical reflection also focuses on the cultural, social and political context in which it operates, in an effort to prevent conventional, divisive thought patterns and constructed opposites.

The bachelor's programme deals in particular with different inner-Islamic schools of thought and movements in their entire plurality and heterogeneity. Therefore, it does not only contribute to the inner-Islamic dialogue, but it also helps to make the debates about Islam more objective and ensures that new forms of Islam emerge under the new circumstances and conditions in Europe. Its objective is to stimulate an academic discussion of the current global discourses on Islamic theology.


Learning outcomes and qualifications

The bachelor's programme in Islamic-Theological Studies at the University of Vienna aims at providing an academic education for theologians, chaplains and religious education teachers working with Islamic communities in Austria.

Graduates have academic and philological competences that enable them to deal with primary and other sources in a reflective, independent and diverse manner. In addition to dealing with Islamic plurality, interdisciplinarity also plays an important role, which promotes dialogue capability and creates the basis for joint research. Due to the application-related modules, which mainly consist of methods of social work and community management, and the accompanying practically oriented modules, graduates are also equipped with organisational competences, which allow them to transfer the acquired knowledge into practice.

Introductory and orientation period (STEOP)

The aim of the Introductory and Orientation Period (STEOP) is to give you an insight into your studies and enable you to assess whether the course contents are in line with your personal expectations of the programme, and whether you can meet the requirements for the degree programme.

Only after passing all STEOP exams, you can take further exams. The exam dates are scheduled in such a way that you can continue your studies in the subsequent semester, as soon as you have successfully completed the STEOP.

It is possible to retake examinations three times. If a student does not pass the last retake of an examination, they will be excluded from this degree programme and all degree programmes in which this examination is compulsory. If the examination is a STEOP examination, the student can be readmitted to the relevant degree programme for the third semester after the cancellation of the admission.