Master's Degree in Islamic Religious Education Studies

Master of Arts (MA)

Degree Programme Code: 066 874

Duration: 4 semesters / 120 ECTS

Language: German

No entrance examination 

Curriculum (in German only)

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The education offered within the scope of the master's programme in Islamic Religious Education at the University of Vienna is aimed at acquiring the specialist and didactic competences that enable graduates to teach Islamic religious education at different types of schools. In addition, prospective teachers are enabled to reflect on Islamic theology both from within their own tradition as well as within the context of current social conditions.
In the area of research, the focus is on the conditions and opportunities of embedding and reflectedly perceiving the lives of Muslims and Islam in a pluralistic society.

The programme is based on close cooperation with the related departments of the theological faculties at the University of Vienna, as well as with further institutions and persons in related fields.

Learning outcomes and qualifications

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  • Development of concepts for the contemporary presentation and explanation of Islamic topics in the respective social contexts
  • Research on the situation of Muslim school students within their school and religious environments
  • Locating Islamic religious education in a pluralistic society and its reflection in regard to its own tradition
  • Promotion of intercultural and interreligious dialogue between religions and world views on the basis of a willingness for self-criticism
  • Development of models for shaping the activities of Muslim communities as well as of Muslim pastoral care and social work
  • Description of professional competences in the area of digitalisation and the relevant support

Admission requirements

To be admitted to the master's programme in Islamic Religious Education students must have completed the degree programme at the Privater Studiengang für das Lehramt für islamische Religion an Pflichtschulen (IRPA, private degree programme for Islamic religious education at compulsory schools), or a relevant bachelor's programme at a university or university of applied sciences, or another equivalent degree programme at a recognised Austrian or foreign post-secondary educational institution.

If the qualification is basically equivalent and only certain supplementary qualifications are required to recognise equivalence, additional courses and exams corresponding to no more than 30 ECTS credits may be prescribed for full equivalence, which must be taken during the course of the master's programme.