Counselling and information

Directorate of studies

The directorate of studies (SPL, Studienprogrammleitung) plans the teaching programme and decides on matters relating to study law (in German) and the organisation of studies.

Dr. Cem Kara is the director of studies of the Department of Islamic-Theological Studies.


The StudiesServiceCenters (SSC) as well as the StudiesServiceUnits (SSS, StudienServiceStelle) support the respective directorate of studies.

Mag. Dr. Gabriele Aïsha Bichler, MA
is responsible for the StudiesServiceUnit at the Department of Islamic-Theological Studies.


A stay abroad during your studies is the best opportunity to get to know new countries, (knowledge) cultures, languages and people. The University of Vienna offers a variety of mobility programmes that students of the University can use.
Here you can find a map of the possible destinations for a stay abroad.

The ERASMUS mobility representative of the Department of Islamic-Theological Studies, Mag. Dr. Ranja Ebrahim, will advise you (consultation hours by appointment).

Students' representatives

The students' representatives (STV, Studienvertretung) represent students' interests and are the first contact point if students have questions about their studies.

The STV is located in room EG045 (Study Room) in Schenkenstrasse 8-10.

Standby service hours:

By appointment via e-mail