Students' representatives

Dear fellow students!


Our names are Fariza Bisaeva, Sefika Nur Cicek and Sheril Sherifoska and we are your voice at the Department!

Whether you are a student or interested in the Bachelor's programme in Islamic Theological Studies or the Master's programme in Islamic Religious Education, we would like to welcome you to the "Lernwerkstatt" in EG045 at Schenkenstraße 8-10.

You are welcome to make an appointment by email at if you would like to contact us personally.

Don't miss any news, events or deadlines and let us keep you informed in good time via

We are happy to advise and support you with questions, concerns and problems regarding your studies and student life and wish you every success in your studies!

Your student representatives

Fariza, Sefika und Sheril

Portrait photos of the student representatives