Alevi Theology in Germany -- Online Workshop took place on September 17


Online Workshop "Training Alevi Staff at German Universities - Requirements and Perspectives".

Alevi Theology in Germany

"The Alevis are part of our shared homeland Germany - and they have been actively contributing to its development for decades. This and also the longstanding cooperative role of the largest Alevi representation, the Alevi Community in Germany (AABF), in the German Islam Conference should be recognised and appreciated."

With these words, Dr Markus Kerber - State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Construction and Domestic Affairs - opened the online workshop "Training Alevi Personnel at German Universities - Requirements and Perspectives" on September 17, 2020. The common goal is for the federal government, the states, the AABF and the universities - Hamburg and Tübingen - to establish and promote the expansion of Alevi theology in a coordinated effort. Numerous guests from Germany, Austria and Turkey were invited. We are pleased that the professor of Alevi theology, Dr. Handan Aksünger-Kizil, University of Vienna, as well as her team with Dr. Hüseyin Ciçek, Dr. Deniz Coşan-Eke, Mag. Serdar Yilmaz, MA and Dr. Cem Kara can constructively contribute to this process.

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