New Project: Alevi Religious Education and Digitalisation in Europe


A new project gets off the ground

Alevi Religious Education and Digitalisation in Europe: Limitations, Opportunities and Expectations

The world's first Alevi religious education (Alevitische Religionsunterricht, ARU) was taught in Berlin in 2002/03. The idea and the associated further training of Alevi religious education teachers were developed through the initiative of the Alevi Cem houses on the district and national level.

Within the framework of this project, an initial inventory of Alevi religious education (ARU) in German-speaking countries is to be drawn up and, in a second step, a working platform (Cloud/SharePoint) is to be provided. The aim is to exchange different methods, possibilities and developments in learning and teaching religious knowledge through theological, pedagogical, social, sociological and anthropological approaches in a digital environment. The transparency of the ARU on this digital platform can promote socio-political expectations regarding the integration and identity policies of Alevis in the countries where they live. By incorporating social media and digital interaction, this project can also contribute to the ARU's digital teaching. 

This project is led by Prof. Dr Handan Aksünger-Kizil and Dr. Deniz Coşan-Eke. Initial start-up funding will come from the appointment funds of the professorship, and in the further run third-party funding is to be acquired.  

Project duration: April 2021-April 2022