Religion, Religious Groups and Migration


The publication Religion, Religious Groups and Migration by Dr. Deniz Coşan Eke, BSc MA MSc is available from Transnational Press London since 28 September 2023.


"The relationship between religion, religious groups, and migration is an important topic of recent social science debate. Migration affects all aspects of the lives of those who have left their homes, including facets characterized as religious. Religion and religious identity are linked to social, cultural, and political issues, including integration, identity negotiation, diasporic community formation, interreligious dialogue, and religious pluralism. On the one hand, migration can change religious cultures, rituals, and traditions through the experience of mobility and the response of the host country. On the other hand, religious groups can encourage migration. In this context, new forms of transnational interaction and organization have emerged that contribute to the reformulation of community and identity. In some cases, such changes can lead to new conflicts and even trigger religious radicalization. This edited book consists of essays that bring together various perspectives on religious groups and their migration processes in different geographical regions. The aim is to empirically analyze the discourse and practices of national and transnational religious groups while investigating the relationship of religion and migration to political, historical, cultural, and social transitions. The book brings together academics and practitioners from different countries through interdisciplinary approaches that will be of interest to a wide readership of scholars and practitioners."