The Alevi Hızır Fasting


The month of Hızır, which begins in mid-January, ends with a three-day Hızır fast in February. In the Alevi understanding of faith, Hızır is a patron saint and messenger of luck and prosperity who comes to people's aid in times of need.

According to the Alevi faith, he drank the water of immortality (Ab-i Hayat) and is said to have attained eternal life. Hızır takes on various shapes and forms and, according to Alevi tradition, can be any person who comes to the aid of another person. To this day, it is customary to distribute pastries (Hızır Lokması) to friends and acquaintances at the end of the fasting period and to conclude the Hızır month with a Cem ceremony.

The tragic earthquake that occurred in Turkey, Syria and surrounding areas on 6 February 2023 has caused deep sorrow around the world. May Hızır stand by the mourners as well as rush to the aid of all those struggling for their lives and waiting for help after the earthquake.