ASEA-UNINET co-operation


As part of the ASEA-UNINET funding programme, Prof. Aslan visited Gadja Mada University in Jogyagarta, the University of Indonesia and the University of Malaysia.

The discussions focussed on the projects, the benefits of religious education in public schools and how religious education promotes the civic education of pupils. We would like to thank Prof Dr Heddy Sri Ahimsavon from the UGM and other colleagues from the Fakultas Ilmu Budaya. Mr Sri Ahimsavon will be visiting our Department again in the coming months to find out more about our research in Austria. In this context, we would also like to thank Mrs Kinta Erstuputri for kindly accompanying our team to Yogyakarta.

Another destination of the trip was the University of Indonesia in Jakarta. The School of Strategic and Global Studies at the University of Indonesia is conducting very interesting research on terrorism and extremism, some of which could also be of interest to Europe. We would like to thank Dr J. Ramadhan for presenting the research, who will be working with us on further projects.

In Malaysia, we would like to thank our colleagues Prof Dr Aysraf Isyraqi bin Jamil, the Dean of the Faculty Prof Dr Mohd Fauzi bin Hamat and PhD student Sulmi Binti Badr for familiarising us with their teaching and research. We are already looking forward to further student exchanges and research collaborations.