CfP: Contributions of Islamic Theological research to the development of religious education theory


Islamic theological research and Islamic religious education pedagogy are interrelated – on the one hand, theological research without a view to practice would prove to be theory-heavy; on the other hand, an Islamic religious education pedagogy that does not take into account impulses from theological research would be incomplete.

We invite all colleagues who deal theoretically or practically with one of the topics mentioned to enrich the planned publication with a contribution in German or English.

Theoretical contributions as well as practical reports and research results on the above-mentioned topics are welcome. The articles will be published by Springer-Verlag in a volume of the series "Wiener Beiträge zur Islamforschung" [Viennese Contributions to Islamic Research] in order to make them internationally accessible.

The following information is required for the proposal of a contribution:

  • Working title
  • Abstract (max. 1,000 characters excl. spaces)
  • Information about the author: Name, email and organisation
  • Proposals for contributions: 31.12.2023

For all information on the Call for Papers, please see the PDF file linked here.