Panel discussion "Religions in a Plural Society"


A panel discussion "Religions in a Plural Society" took place on the 17.01.2018 in the Main Building of the University of Vienna and was organized by the Department of Islamic-Theological Studies.

A vast audience attended the interesting debate on the topics of religion, identity, values, Society, state and religious education. The discussion was moderated by Mag. Michael Kramer.

The members of the podium were:

  • Prof. Dr. Takim, Deputy Head of the Department of Islamic-Theological Studies
  • HS-Prof. Dr. Christoph Berger, Rektor der Kirchlich Pädagogischen Hochschule (KPH) Wien/Krems
  • Prof. Dr. Sigrid Müller, Dean of the Faculty of Catholic Theology
  • Prof. Dr. Gerhard Langer from the Department of Jewish Studies
  • Prof. DDr. Martin Rothgangel, Dean of the Faculty of Protestant Theology