• Islamic Jurisprudence: Wien-Bamberger Suyuti-Projekt (WBSP) [Vienna-Bamberg Suyuti Project]

    The Vienna-Bamberg Suyuti Project (WBSP) of Dr. Ahmed Gad Makhlouf, MA focuses on the Egyptian scholar Jalāl ad-Dīn as-Suyūtī (1445-1505), one of the most prolific Arabic-language authors not only of the Mamluk period but of the entire history of Arabic literature. On the basis of his numerous works, which together constitute an encyclopaedia of the traditional Islamic sciences, an overview of the development of various Islamic branches of science up to the late Mamluk period will be given. It will also illustrate the intertextual relationships in as-Suyūtīs' entire literary output by highlighting cross-references in his individual works.

    The project will provide:

    • a detailed account of as-Suyūtī's biography.
    • a comprehensive list of as-Suyūtīs' works. This is arranged alphabetically by title, provides information on the thematic classification and content of the works, and also provides bibliographical data.
    • articles on the individual works of as-Suyūtī (see the list by clicking on the link below). This includes an account of the textual history and the textual evidence, the structure and content as well as, if applicable, the reception of the respective work.
    • articles about the people as-Suyūtī was associated with and the authors he cites.
    • articles about concepts, ideas and practices that as-Suyūtī deals with in his works.

    In summary, the intention is to create a basis for a further investigation of various disciplines of Islamic sciences in the Mamluk period and, in the course of this, to illustrate the scientific contribution of as-Suyūtīs in various fields of science.

    The project is a cooperation with Prof. Dr. Patrick Franke, Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Bamberg.

    Project duration: 2023-