Retrospect "10 Years of Alevi Religious Education in Austria


On 17 November 2023, a symposium on "10 years of Alevi religious education in Austria - A series of discussions on developments, challenges and recommendations" took place. The event was organised as part of the research project "Alevi religious education and digitalisation in Europe: limits, opportunities and expectations", which is being conducted by Prof. Dr. Handan Aksünger Kizil and Dr. Deniz Cosan Eke.

The event was held in cooperation with the research cluster "Religious Education in the Context of Transformation Processes", which is based at the Research Centre: "Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society" (RaT).

Alevi education in public schools in the European context is a historical and socio-political achievement for Alevis and an important step towards their further recognition. As a rule, Alevi Religious Education (ARU) has not only taken on an identity-forming function for pupils, but also for their parents. During the event, the developments of recent years in Austria and the associated challenges were discussed from the perspective of various stakeholders and academics.

For more information on the symposium on 17 November 2023, please see the programme linked here (in German).