Islamic Religious Education

Image: Close-up of a pupil's face

The young discipline of Islamic Religious Education as a part of Islamic Theology analyses religious teaching and learning processes and reflects on them in the new context of Muslim children and adolescents. In addition to the academic tradition in Islam, Islamic religious education also combines perspectives in teaching and research that are empirical, hermeneutic and critical of traditions. The aim is to encourage students to reflect on the existing conditions in religious teaching and learning processes and to orient themselves towards the subject.

Furthermore, the master's programme in Islamic Religious Education enables students to explore Islamic teaching and the religious field of Muslims in the European context within the scope of the Islamic tradition, and to meet challenges of the professional field in schools, communities and in society.

In the area of research, the discipline of Islamic Religious Education cooperates with numerous international universities and departments in addition to different faculties and departments in Austria. In doing so, it focuses on the processes of education as well as on the life-world of Muslims in Europe and tries to shape Islamic theology from within the European school of thought, without abandoning its own traditions.


Further information is available on the website of Islamic Religious Education (in German).