Panel Discussion "On Integration and Security"


How does integration in Vienna and Europe work at the moment? Why do more and more people in their own neighbourhoods have the feeling that the city is developing in the wrong direction and how can Europe solve the integration problems? On this evening, Prof. Aslan and prominent representatives from politics will deal with all these questions and many more.


  •     Mag. Gernot Blümel, Federal Minister
  •     Dr. Susanne Raab, Federal Minister
  •     Prof. Dr. Ednan Aslan, University Professor, University of Vienna
  •     Daniela Berger, Head of the Language Department of the Austrian Integration Fund

The events surrounding the refugee crisis in 2015 are still preoccupying politicians and, above all, many citizens in Vienna and Europe. The Corona crisis has heated up the discussion again and now parties like the SPÖ, the Greens and the Neos are demanding that even more refugees be brought to Austria. But does this make sense?

Chair: Bettina Blumenthal

Date: 21 Sep. 2020

Time: 19:00 - 20:30

Location: Museumsquartier, Die Libelle


You can register on the website of the Stadtakademie.