Interreligiöse Bildung zwischen Kontingenzbewusstsein und Wahrheitsansprüchen [Interreligious Education between Awareness of Contingency and Claims to Truth]


This publication by Dipl.-Theol. Mag. Dr. Zekirija Sejdini is available from Kohlhammer.


["The present volume is the result of the project "Interreligiöse Bildung zwischen Kontingenzbewusstsein und Wahrheitsansprüchen" [Interreligious Education as a Contribution to a Society Capable of Plurality], which deals with fundamental questions of interreligious cooperation. The contributions examine the strong emphasis on differences in interreligious dialogue, while the common and integrative is less prominent. This raises the question of possibilities and limits of interreligious communication in the educational context. In the sense that something "could also be different from what it currently is" (Robert Musil), we speak of contingency or possibility consciousness. In this awareness, Catholic, Protestant and Islamic religious educators approach a concept of truth that makes it possible to act in a more possibility-conscious and integrative way."]