The Section for International Law and International Relations invites you to a round table with Professor Ebrahim Afsah.


The Department of Islamic-Theological Studies would like to invite all those interested to the inaugural lecture of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ebrahim Afsah on...


A Talk by Sharona T. Levy from the University of Haifa on 12.04.2019


Statement of the expert representatives of Islamic Theological Studies

As a result of the Symposium "The Future of the Islamic Theology and Religious Education within European Region between the priorities of Science,...


The Conference "Headscarf Ban in Austrian Elementary Schools: Background, Risks, Benefits", organized by the Department for Islamic-Theological...


Lecture: Dialogue in Diversity. The Role of Religious Education Now and in the Future.

Internationally renowned Jewish Religious Educator and Professor of Philosophy of Education at the University of Haifa Hanan Alexander was a guest at...


Panel discussion "Religions in a Plural Society"

A panel discussion "Religions in a Plural Society" took place on the 17.01.2018 in the Main Building of the University of Vienna and was organized by...


Presentation of the book: "Muslim diversity. A compass for Daily Religious Practice in Austria"

The presentation of the book "Muslim diversity. A compass for Daily Religious Practice in Austria" took place on the 7th of June at the University of...