Online Event "A Conversation from the Perspective of Teachers and Clergy on Alevi Religious Instruction in Germany"

As part of the research project Alevi Religious Education and Digitalisation in Europe: Limits, Opportunities and Expectations, the discipline of...


Photo exhibition "33" Gebetshäuser und Gläubige Istanbuls [Prayer houses and believers of Istanbul]

We invite you to the official opening of the photo exhibition "33" Gebetshäuser und Gläubige Istanbuls [Prayer Houses and Believers of Istanbul] by...


Upcoming Symposium on "Commercialisation of Religions in the Globalising World"


Photo exhibition "Traces of Sufism in Europe"

Dr. Sara Kuehn, interdisciplinary researcher and photographer, provides an insight into the contemporary Sufi tradition in Europe in this exhibition....


Online-Lecture Series Interreligious Hermeneutics in a Plural Society

The lecture series Interreligiöse Hermeneutik in einer pluralen Gesellschaft (Interreligious Hermeneutics in a Plural Society) organised by Ibrahim...


Summaries of the lecture series in the winter semester 2022/2023

After the lectures of the online lecture series Religions and Science in Current Discourse - Tensions, Challenges, and Opportunities of the discipline...


Together with the student representatives of Catholic and Protestant Theology as well as Religious Studies, the student representatives of...


The student representatives of Schenkenstraße are organising a joint winter party and invite all students as well as teachers and staff!


Online-Lecture Series during Winter Term of 2022/2023

The lecture series Religionen und Wissenschaft im aktuellen Diskurs – Spannungsfelder, Herausforderungen und Chancen (Religions and Science in Current...