Alevis in European Migration Contexts

Alevis in European Migration Contexts

Degree Programme Code: 141

Scope: 16 ECTS

Language: German

No entrance exam

Curriculum (in German)

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The aim of the extension curriculum "Alevis in European Migration Contexts" at the University of Vienna is to provide students with basic knowledge of Alevism with a practical and social focus. On the one hand, students learn about the socio-cultural and socio-religious developments of Alevi communities in Europe, and on the other hand, they acquire knowledge and skills in application-related fields such as spiritual counselling and religious education in European contexts. In this way, students shall learn to apply the acquired knowledge and competences in professional fields of activity such as counselling, education and community work.

The extension curriculum can be chosen by all students of the University of Vienna who are not pursuing the individual Bachelor's programme "Alevi Theological Studies" and is particularly aimed at students of theological, religious studies or religious education subjects as well as students of Near Eastern Studies and Teacher Education. In addition, the extension curriculum is aimed at students with career goals in education, community and counselling work.