Alevi-Theological Studies: Religion and Culture

Alevi-Theological Studies: Religion and Culture

Degree Programme Code: 649

Scope: 16 ECTS

Language: German

No entrance exam

Curriculum (in German)

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The aim of the extension curriculum is to provide students with basic knowledge of Alevi religious doctrine, religious practice and history. Within this framework, students learn about the religious, cultural and historical traditions of Alevism in its diverse forms. In doing so, students receive a historical overview of the emergence, development and transformation of Alevism from its beginnings to the present as well as the ability to critically reflect on historical narratives and constructions about Alevism. In addition, the students deal with the basic questions of Alevi religious doctrine in the form of basic concepts and specialist terminology. Furthermore, the diversity and specificity of Alevi religious practice accompanied by Alevi poetry are other important components of the extension curriculum.

This extension curriculum can be chosen by all students of the University of Vienna who are not pursuing the individual Bachelor's programme "Alevi Theological Studies" and is particularly aimed at students of theological, religious studies or religious education subjects as well as students of Near Eastern Studies.