CfP: The Migration Conference 2021


The Migration Conference 2021 on Migration, Religion, and Religious Groups takes place between 6 and 10 July.

The Migration Conference 2021 Call for Papers |  Submission Deadline: 31 Jan. 2021 | WILL BE HELD ONLINE

Call for Papers:

Special Sessions: Migration, Religion and Religious Groups at The Migration Conference -- 2021, London

Migration affects every aspect of the life of those who leave behind their homeland, not excluding religion-related issues. It may transform the religious cultures, rituals, and traditions because of the human mobility and the host country’s reaction. Related to it, new formations of transnational interaction and organization have emerged, and their effects may not be limited with their own group but may extend to uncertain areas. The implications of these are intriguing and controversial issues, since they may pave the way to religious radicalization and even conflicts. It becomes clear that religious issues are interrelated with many social, cultural, and political matters such as integration, identity, diaspora, social and religious movements, and the religious pluralism of the immigrant’s groups. 

The relationship between Migration, Religion and Religious Groups is the thematic focus of this panel. The aim of the panel is to explore empirical analysis of the discourses and practices of transnational religious groups and the link between religion and migration with political, historical, cultural, and social transitions. We offer an open call for any other topics dealing with religion and migration, especially proposals that address theoretical and methodical issues in the field of migration in relation to religious studies.

Track Convener:

Dr. Deniz Coşan Eke, Alevi Theology, Dept. of Islamic-Theological Studies, University of Vienna, Austria (E-mail:

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