CfP: Commercialisation of religions in the globalising world


This international symposium (15-17 September 2023) will explore questions relevant to both religions and the future of the global communities, shedding light on the consequences of commercilisation for society and religious communities.

Religion and rituals have been part of being human and interpreting human existence since time immemorial. Religion and the “sacred” belong together. Sacred places and times, objects and persons, symbols and signs, words and writings take people into the religious sphere.

We invite proposals for panels and papers. Multidisciplinary panels and those that bring together different perspectives in line with the conference theme or rethink religious communities from the perspective of commercialisation will be given special consideration in the selection process. However, there are no thematic restrictions, i.e., panels as well as papers on all topics related to religion, religious rituals in the process of commercialisation can be submitted. Selected and positively reviewed papers will be published in an edited volume by Springer Verlag as publication. Proposals for panels and papers can be submitted in English only.

All information can be found on the website of the symposium.