CfP: European Academy Of Religion 2022


Die European Academy of Religion Conference findet von 20. bis 23. Juni 2022 in Bologna, Italien statt. Für das Panel "Alevi Communities from Local to Transnational Perspectives: Cases from Europe and Turkey" können Abstracts passend zum Thema eingereicht werden.

Veranstaltet wird das Panel wird von Deniz Cosan Eke gemeinsam mit ​ Hande Birkalan-Gedik (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main) und Dr. Besim Can Zir (Middle East Technical University - METU).


Die Deadline für die Einreichung der Abstracts ist der 06.03.2022.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Website der EUARE sowie im folgenden Text (auf Englisch):

"Alevis, as religious and cultural communities, have been frequently included in the discussions about internal, international, transnational, and even return migration in recent years. Particularly, transnational Alevi communities in Europe in the past three decades witnessed unprecedent developments about their cultural and political lives. While in Turkey discussions related to their political, cultural, and religious belongings continued, Alevis today are recognized as autonomous groups in several European states. We take transnationalism not as a unilinear transformation of concepts, practices, and actors from one place to another but as a web of complex negotiations and diverse configurations in a greater space and welcome papers with ethnographic perspectives that would treat social, cultural, and political issues such as integration, identity, diaspora, social and religious movements, religious diversities in different cases in Europe as well as in Turkey. We do also expect contributions to assess above issues critically. We will mostly tackle with the changing landscapes and institutions of Alevism in transnational space such as religious and organizational leadership; gender roles within and outside Alevi associations; socio-spatial aspects of Alevi belief practices; music, ritual, poetry, festival, and heritage; cultural brokerage in Alevism. These themes are not meant to be exhaustive and participants can contribute to the panel through interdisciplinary lenses."

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